Little, Blue or Fairy Penguins, Bruny Neck, Tasmania

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Little, Blue or Fairy Penguins, Bruny Neck, Tasmania. Every night, after dark, the adult penguins come ashore and head for their burrows, where their young are waiting - and making a lot of noise! A ranger is there every evening to supervise the humans.

In this photograph, the blurred young penguin at the bottom of the image is the one making the fuss, while its parents are trying to not pat attention - they've already regurgitated a full meal since they got home!

At Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve, a wooden walkway has been built so that the visitors don't disturb the sand or any of the penguin or shearwater (muttonbird) burrows.

This photograph was taken with a 70-200mm 2.8 IS L-series lens, with a red covering over a torch so as not to confused the penguins.

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