New incredibly FREE MP3s from Dacianos

Yes, you heard it folks. THREE Dacianos downloads are now available…

There are THREE recent Dacianos recordings available to download as
MP3s from
The songs, “Come Find Me”, “I Didn’t Hear” and “I Didn’t Hear The
Remix” were recorded in 2003-4 in Dublin and London. They can be
downloaded here.
On Barry Kavanagh has now made available the
entire “Minister of the Waves” portion of his novel “The Tao of Odds
and Ends”. This is one of the four interconnected stories of the
novel and is based on an ancient Chinese tale. It can be found in the writings section.
The other good news is that Dacianos will play at the Spitz, 109
Commercial St, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6BG on Sunday 13
February 2005, with Yukalele and Gemma Ray Ritual. FREE entry. More details will be sent your way closer to the time – but only if you sign up to the dacianos new list

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