2007 Underground CD Roundup

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This year it was mostly folk (but not New Folk) music of various kinds that came to my attention at small concerts. There was Burgess, Ådin and Wingård’s tasteful blend of English and Swedish folk songs accompanied by concertina and hurdy-gurdy on their album Doggerland; there was Canadian vocalist/accordionist Marie-Joseé Houle with her humorous late-night ballads of human wreckage on the album Our Lady of Broken Souls; there was the “unplugged industrial orchestra” Origami Arktika, with Trollebotn, an album of ambient, hypnotic, avant-weird versions of Norwegian folk songs; and there was Songs III: Bird on the Water by the new (but not New Folk) American dream-folk lady Marissa Nadler. Meanwhile my Norwegian friends Salvatore released another instrumental/electronic/rock epic, Days of Rage, and re-released their long-unavailable theatre soundtrack Jugend – A New Hedonism; and my English and American friends Morning Bride put out their debut album, Lea Valley Delta Blues, a work of pure East London Americana. Last and least is my own most recent album, the Dacianos compilation In a Weird Chalet 2004-2006, where among odds and ends from those two years you can hear very early versions of songs to be newly recorded next year for a lavish, opulent studio album.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos and presently with the forthcoming "voodoo project".

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