The A to Z of Blather

Hi there! I prepared this for our About Blather page (where this poem can now be found), and there’s no reason why you impassioned Zeitgeist readers can’t read it too. Enjoy. Use it to browse the site, even.
The A to Z of Blather
A is for Abroad, a photographer’s log,
B is for Blather, our premier blog.
C is for the Club of dev’lish Hellfire.
D is for ‘Diggin’ in the Dirt’, a quagmire.
E is for E. Howard Hunt’s death palaver,
F is for Flann, an inspiration for Blather.
G is for Globaleyes, rant of the hour,
H is for Hau-en-ted Dublin, macabre.
I is for ‘I, Patrick’ an’ all dat,
J is for Jasper the time trav’lin’ cat.
K is for Khan and his nuclear deal,
L is a Load of Blather, for sale.
M is for Music, for listenin’ and buyin’,
N is for North, blog hyperborean.
O is for Orang Pendek, that rogue,
P is for Plame, whose cover was blown.
Q is for Q-shaped light in the sky?
R’s for Return: the Pyramid won’t die!
S is for Shitegeist, our arrogant side,
T is for Tombs, from megalithic times.
U is for UFOs, which we never see,
V is for Vampires, who have emailed me.
W is for ‘Waking the Dead’, done with tact,
X is for Planet X (dwarf planet in fact).
Y is for Yetis, by which we’re not vexed,
Z is the Zeitgeist, with which we are meshed.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos and presently with the forthcoming "voodoo project".

Contact him here.

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