Month: August 2005


Get high resolution version A couple of weeks ago I visited the town of Komiza on the island of Vis, off the coast of Croatia. One the of least-populated bigger islands in Croatia, it doesn't have the hordes of tourists that other places - like Hvar - are inundated with Italian tourists. The quayside of Komiza is lined with 16th and 17th century Venetian-style buildings, and elaborate looking if rather stocky 16th century castle which has a fishing museum inside. Outside the town there are loads of little coves and beaches, and a Benedictine Monastery. Interestingly, while I was sitting on one of the beaches, I finished reading Eastern Approaches by Fitzroy McClean, which includes an account of the setting up Allied bases here during World War II, and the established by the Yugoslavian partisan leader of a HG - in a cave high up on the side of Mount...


Ok, falling prey to the cute factor, I know...


This one chased the boat back to Kilmore... It's not the sharpest of shots, but I like the movement in it.