Year: 2005


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My sister's housemate's cat. I can't remember its name.


On Lahinch beach, last month


The Pindar yacht in Portsmouth High Resolution version » I was sailing on the Solent, off Portsmouth and Gosport last week, on board a 39ft yacht, with friends. As we made our way from Cowes on the Isle of Wight to Gosport, I couldn't believe the amount of ship traffic - rush hour on a Sunday afternoon! Decommissioned warships, car ferries, racing yachts - you name it. High Resolution versions of ALL and any of these photographs » Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier Invincible About the HMS Invincible High Resolution version » HMS Fearless About The Fearless High Resolution version » High Resolution version » About HMS Glasgow High Resolution version » Yacht Pindar, Portsmouth High Resolution version» Yacht Pindar, Portsmouth High Resolution version» Pindar sailing, Portsmouth and Spinnaker Tower High Resolution version» Pindar Ocean Racing Isle of Wight Fastcat High Resolution version» Sea Cadet's Training Ship Royalist High Resolution version»...


High Rez version » Went to Hampstead Heath at the weekend. Near Kite Hill and Parliament Hill sits The Writer, a sculpture by Italian artist Giancarlo Neri. It's basically just a big table and chair. It's certainly rather startling.... High Rez version »


Get High Resolution Versions » Was out on the Isle of Wight last week, sailing with some friends. We moored near the Folly Inn, up the river from Cowes on the River Medina. Early on Sunday morning, I was sitting out on deck, reading, when three beautiful Embden domestic geese approached the boat. I grabbed the telephoto lens and got these.... Get High Resolution Versions » Get High Resolution Versions » Get High Resolution Versions »


Get high resolution version of this photograph » Sitting prominently at the junction of the Ballyvaughan, Kilfenora and Corofin roads, Leamaneh castle is an impressive gothic pile stuck onto a tower house. It was once the home of the infamous Máire Rua who apparently outlived three husbands (and may have even dispatched one or two herself. For a 17th century woman (born around 1615), she wielded plenty of power, especially after her first husband ( Daniel Neylon of Dysert O'Dea) died and she took over his estate. Her second husband, Conor O'Brien of Leamaneh, died in a battle against the Cromwellians at the Pass of Inchicronan. This is where it gets interesting. In some versions of the story, he was taken home to be nursed. She would have realised that his rebellion would have meant forfeiture of his property, so as soon as he was dead, she got all dressed...


Order a print, or get the high-resolution version for printing &raquo PLEASE NOTE - I POSTED THIS IMAGE IN 2006 - I HAVE NO CURRENT KNOWLEDGE ABOUT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS HOUSE! Was in county Clare at the weekend - went hunting and found Father Ted's House (Craggy Island Parochial House), from the hit TV comedy series. It was a pilgrimage of sorts - chasing down the highways and byways in a very lapsed-Catholic kinda way. Nice house, but you'd think it would be taller. Turns out its on a windy backroad in the Burren, between Killnaboy and Boston both of are only a arse's roar from Kilfenora. We took turns posing stupidly in front of the house, dodgy the odd farmer hurtling buy in clapped-out Talbot Solaras, and trying to stop my sisters dog from fraternising with the pack of friendly dogs that came hurtling down the driveway....


Get high resolution version A couple of weeks ago I visited the town of Komiza on the island of Vis, off the coast of Croatia. One the of least-populated bigger islands in Croatia, it doesn't have the hordes of tourists that other places - like Hvar - are inundated with Italian tourists. The quayside of Komiza is lined with 16th and 17th century Venetian-style buildings, and elaborate looking if rather stocky 16th century castle which has a fishing museum inside. Outside the town there are loads of little coves and beaches, and a Benedictine Monastery. Interestingly, while I was sitting on one of the beaches, I finished reading Eastern Approaches by Fitzroy McClean, which includes an account of the setting up Allied bases here during World War II, and the established by the Yugoslavian partisan leader of a HG - in a cave high up on the side of Mount...