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The Frozen River Slaney

A boat on the frozen river Slaney, Wexford, Christmas Day, 2010 The Frozen River Slaney, originally uploaded by Dave Walsh Photography.  


Christmas 2008 Purchase this image » The River Slaney estuary, around where I grew up in Co. Wexford. It's a beautiful part of the world here, and is a candidate for becoming a Special Area of Conservation, under the EU Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC), Annexe 2. Wikipedia: River Slaney Slaney by Inland Waterways Association of Ireland Christmas 2008 Purchase this image » (July 2008) Purchase this image » Christmas 2008 Purchase this image »


Becky out boating Mum, feeding the ducks One man and his friends - my dad Wassie, doing what our cats love doing - balancing on the gunwhale "Good afternoon sir!"