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“This wry website dishes out healthy portions of irreverent commentary on all things Irish. It’s a savvy way to get up to date on current events and attitudes”
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“…This website is one of sick, perverted, mentally deranged followers. Accidentally found it when searching for more news about the fabulous, gorgeous, talented, kind, and generous Tom Cruise. And, by the way, John Travolta is a Scientologist, AND I’m not..if you ask. Better to believe in good than evil or sick thoughts as most of your writers obviously do.”
– A commenter called Sandy, posting to our Tom Cruise Watch »

“Ireland’s answer to The Onion.”
Hot Sauce

“…possibly the sanest voice on the Net”
– Dr. James McEwan

“If you are not an intellectual purist or hopelessly left-brain oriented, Blather.net will have much to interest you… [daev’s] style and commentary are so blithe and fluent, his enthusiasm so literate and infectious, that you may find yourself wanting to re-read classic Irish writers or believing in ghosts.”
– Tsigane Bristol, Briefme


You’re goddamn brilliant with what you come up with!

– Alex Burns, Editor, Disinformation

“Dave Walsh is truly the modern Yeats of Forteanism, for he has mounted the plain of literary greatness to gallop abreast the poets and wonder writers of yesteryear.”

      – Loren Coleman, co-author of The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti, and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide, Mysterious America and Tom Slick and the Search For the Yeti – 13 April 1999

“Great teuto-celtic neo-freudian meta-paranoid stuff!”

   – Hapless Dilettante News

“The truth is out there folks, even if it is a little more amusing and irreverent than you might have expected”

    – Kevin Doyle, Doras Abú for October 15th, 1998

Blather’ is a very strange but intriguing Irish webzine dedicated to ‘paranormal agent-provocateurism’. The juxtaposition of X-File style conspiracy theories with Irish cynicism might seem unlikely, but the result is oddly compelling. This is a refreshingly original use of the internet, and the site is certainly worth a look. Great design, intelligient and humourous content…

Doras Review

(they later removed Blather from their database, because I didn’t pay for inclusion. They never asked me to pay!)

UFO’s, NASA, pyramids, questions without answers, [daev’s] style injects these tired old topics with a freshness that may see them lasting until the truth is finally revealed. Sample: “Accept nothing. . . until at least you have yourself questioned it”
Verdict: And question it he does, to be sure!

– Stefan’s News of the Weird

‘goulash: What I especially like about Blather, is that when I read it in the wee hours of the morning after the bars have closed, I seem to be hearing the voice of another drunk.’
– ‘rkeck’, in an email to Blather…

‘Sometimes I hear my own “tone” of snide-ity’

– Merry Alice, in an email to Blather…

‘…dishonest and deceptive yet touchingly lovable all at the same time!’

~Mr. Bad, on the Pigdog mailing list