The Alan Moore Interview

By Barry Kavanagh, 17 October 2000

Blather, FREE as always, is proud to present a lengthy and in-depth interview with this world-renowned comics writer. Born in Northampton, England, in 1953, he was nothing short of seminal in the 1980s with Watchmen and nothing less than monumental in the 1990s with From Hell. He talks about his comics work in great detail, as well as his non-comics writing, his CDs and his interest in the occult. Full of insights, his conversation touches upon many other social and cultural subjects. You can read this unexpurgated interview here on the site or you can download it as a free text file. The interview is also available in Italian

With thanks to Steve Moore and Alan O’Boyle.

Text copyright Barry Kavanagh and Alan Moore, provided free to Blather readers.

Mentioned on BBC’s My Science Fiction Life