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On Saturday 15th, Mark Pilkington and I trotted along to Wynn’s Hotel, Dublin, to hear what the Irish Centre for UFO Studies had to say for themselves. I gathered that they were centralising some of their efforts on Boyle, Co. Roscommon, in light of the alleged ‘crash’ there in May 1996. In light of this, and their previous exploits, I expected more of the same wackiness that they had already been indulging in (see *several* earlier Blathers concerning Bantry, Co. Cork), but I have to admit, what they came out with on Saturday afternoon was even more surprising.

We arrived, late, to join an audience of less than thirty people, including members of the mainstream press, children and elderly ladies, in a small over-furnished function room. When we arrived, Eamon Ansbro, of PEIR (Programme for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence Research) was using his highly dangerous laser pointer to skim through hand-written acetates on an overhead projector, and he proceeded to lead us through all sorts of speculative ‘science’, such as a proposed pattern of 10 (plus or minus 1) year cycles of UFO activity, which jump from Antarctica, to South America, to North America, to Europe, across to Central Asia, Indonesia and down to Australia. I was inclined to take note of how neatly this filled a standard world map, without veering off the edges. Eamon also attempted to explain how extraterrestrial craft used ‘hyperspace’ to travel from the Pleiades (a conspicuous cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus that includes six stars in the form of a very small dipper – also home to Swiss cult leader Billy Meier’s Nordic spacefolk) taking only 8 hours – 3.5 from Earth to reach light speed, a few minutes to jump to another solar system, then another 3.5 hours to reach their target planet, which was all very interesting, but I don’t think it left anyone any wiser.

He then progressed to explain how UFO ‘hotspots’ worked, explaining how they are caused by the intersection of two or more of an alleged 66 flight corridors at 101 points around the earth. These corridors are supposedly spaced around the equator, 4.45 degrees apart. His notes on this method (which was apparently discovered by an aerospace engineer named Roy Dutton), say that ‘from each one, orbits having at least 10 inclinations (angles) to the equator of between 42 degrees and and 76 degrees *can be adapted* [my emphasis] to cover all inhabited region of the world.’ UFOs are apparently dropped into our atmosphere by larger ‘craft’, and use these flightpaths for surveillance of our planet [I wouldn’t go as far as to saying that I actually *understand* any of this].
Eamon reckons that there are four intersections of these lines in Ireland, Bantry Bay (Co. Cork), Boyle (Co. Roscommon), Omagh (Co. Tyrone) and Ballsbridge (Dublin). All these general areas have been sources of reports on various anomalous phenomena, or more specifically, according to Eamon, UFOs. Except Omagh, where the absence of any reports is apparently inexplicable, because ‘there should be UFOs there’.

Eamon Ansbro, along with the ICUFOS have somehow managed to put together a detailed calendar of predicted UFO events on this island, with a correlation between Bantry, Boyle and Dublin culminating on December 14th of this year, when they hope to get RTE to attend skywatches at these three locations. They intend to lure in the UFOs using ‘coherent thought sequencing’ – which I gather is another moniker for ‘remote viewing’, stroboscopic lighting and ambient beeping sounds as part of the whole peace-love-and-goodwill welcome wagon. They eventually hope to arrange meetings with, yes, the World’s governments. Eamon hopes these will be the friendly aliens, not the nasty abductor types. Paradoxically, he mentioned ‘cosmic energies’, and other theories proposed by the ostracised Wilhelm Reich, who ironically enough saw UFOs as being a threat rather than something that we should be welcoming in. When this was pointed out by Mark Pilkington, Eamon seemed pretty much at a loss to explain himself.

As for the UFOs themselves, Eamon doesn’t see them as being nuts’n’bolts craft per se, but rather as ‘energy constructs’, which he proposes are saucer shaped energy fields some 55 feet in diameter, with the same energy patterns as a galactic spiral, which are formed as a result of the personal ‘Merkabah’ of the being suspended inside this energy field. He presented this as being a Star of David shape, with a person inside (not unlike Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man), and referred to Robert Dratch as being a pioneer in this rather weird theory. I did some nosing about, discovering that the Merkabah is a Hebrew term for a ‘vehicle of light‘, or a form of meditative mystical entrancement, mentioned in the Old Testament by Ezekiel. I also found out that the Merkabah is usually represented as a three dimensional object rather like two tetrahedrons being shoved through each other.

So much for old nuts’n’bolts flying saucers and little greys, at least with them, you knew where you were. Death Rays, abductions, anal probes, dental implants, all those wonderfully hostile alien activities, out the window with them. Instead we’re being visited by angels who are probably trying to get together with some mortal ladies for the purpose of spawning some new little Nephilim.

Interestingly enough, when I enquired into ICUFOS opinion on the ‘Boyle Incident‘, Eamon automatically answered ‘helicopter crash’. He said the area was constantly plagued with UFO sightings, and the proposed crash was a mere coincidence. Do any of them precede May 1996? ‘Yes, of course, we have reports dating back to the 50s’. He didn’t explain why they have only shown interest in area since September, when the Sunday Mirror had their ‘Aliens in Co. Roscommon’ article. During my discussion with them on August 16th., they seemed to have no interest in the Roscommon region.

As for the ICUFOS skywatch on December 14th, I’ll be tagging along when they spend the night on Bull Island, on the north side of Dublin Bay. Why Bull Island? Because, they say, it’s beyond the interference of street lights. I’m inclined to question why this is so important, don’t the ETs like streetlights? There’s still plenty of moving aerial lights out there, being right underneath the landing path for Dublin airport, not to mention the Ringsend chimneys, lighthouses, shipping, etc. Would it be, by any chance, related to the appearance of the Geminid meteor shower between December 7th and and 17th, peaking on December 13th? The moon is supposed to wash it out somewhat, although it’s still regarded as a highlight of the astronomical year. It’s also worth bearing in mind that a successful ‘UFO prediction’ took place on April 21st, at the *exact* peak of another meteor shower, the Lyrids.

So, do we have genuine predictions of ET contact, or a bizarre cocktail of astronomy and pick’n’mix Kabbalah?

Answers on an illuminated manuscript…

Dave (daev) Walsh

20th November 1997

With a very special thanks to:

Mark Pilkington

Magonia Online

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  1. response to the above comment – billy meier and the figu are in no way ‘cult’ related – this is an extremely erroneous term to use in respect to them – as the figu in fact represents the complete opposite – ie in relation to Billy meier’s overall message to humanity – a central part of it being that he would have earth humans turn away from ALL of the CULTIC fear based and evolution stifling world religions..
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