Virgin Mary: Appearances in Georgia, Ireland

Blather has, in the past, made the odd reference to ‘herself’, as in the Virgin Mary, apparent mother of Christ, traditionally popular here in Ireland. With a social diary to rival that of Irish President Mary McAleese (and touching that of former President Mary Robinson), the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) has recently turned up on fridges in New Jersey, on Mexican cakes, dented Chevy fenders and sewage drains, in Georgia (Europe), and in Spain as a statue that ‘cried blood’ (the crying was later decried by the Church). She’s back again, this time in Georgia…USA This week some 100,000 pilgrims arrived at the farm of Nancy Fowler, in Conyers, 56 km (35 miles) west of Atlanta, and not for the first time either… on the 13th of every month between October 1990 and May 1994, Ms. Fowler ‘relayed’ messages from the BVM. Lately, she’s cut back to annual October 13th relay, whilst her audience has increased. This year is to be the last, as the BVM isn’t ‘permitted’ to visit as she had in the past. Tuesday 13th seemed to pass seemed to have past without a major incident – the crowds behaved, as Ms. Fowler read for 30 minutes. One can only gather that she was reading out loud.

One Reuters report included this thought-provoking quote:
‘”I’m hoping something happens Tuesday because our house burned to the ground last month,” said Gren Burgess, 13, of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.’
Oddly enough, one Georgia crowd of 40,000 did lose the run of itself a day previously, at a concert in the Georgia Dome, Atlanta. Some folk got panicky at the sound of fireworks (unofficially and illegally ignited), mistaking them for gunshots. A stampede ensued, and twenty minor injuries were reported.
Jumping back to Georgia Europe, a report from February 9th has president Eduard Shevardnadze claim that his survival following a hand grenade attack on his motorcade was due to a miracle:
“An evil spirit is in the air which dreams of turning everything upside down in this country in order to bring back the era of gangs and armed groups. . . It must be a miracle to survive twice. And I don’t mention other cases. Miracles happen only by the will of the Lord. The Lord knows I spare no effort for the good of my country and the people, and he saves me in such grave situations.”
On a similar note, The Guardian (UK) of December 5th 1997 (p17) Aslan Abashidze, leader of the autonomous Adjaria of Georgia claimed that he had been been the subject of an assassination attempt using a camera that emitted ‘deadly rays’. After being photographed in summer 1997, he experienced chest pains, which were diagnosed as a heart attack. Abashidze blamed “enemies within Georgia and abroad”.
To digress… Georgia has its own Dublin, way down south-east of Atlanta. Back in Coincidence or Synchronicity? – a recent Blather issue, Robert Anton Wilson’s essay Synchronicity & Linguistics in Finnegans Wake was referred to. Again we delve into this issue to find:
‘Lawrence Sterne,…[makes]…many synchronistic links to [Finnegans] Wake, all exploited by Joyce. Sterne wrote [The Life and Opinions of] Tristram Shandy: Howth Castle in Dublin, which plays a huge role in the Wake, was built by Sir Tristram Armory de Lawrence. The Patron saint of Dublin is St. Lawrence O’Toole. There is another Dublin in Lawrence County, Georgia; its motto “Doublin’ our number all the time” appears on the first page of the Wake.’
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Dave (daev) Walsh
16th October 1998

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