Blowing money on O’Connell St.

What the hell is going on?

Dublin City Council, it seems, needed some €35m to ‘do-up’ O’Connell St. Now it says it needs another €25m to finish the job, a total of €60m. Are they fucking mad? Did they blow it all in Dr. Quirkey’s House of Fun, or on cocktails in the Gresham? And all we have to show for it is a lot of road works and a big mettle prick. Bring back the hoor in the sewer, she had a bit of class.

It’s a well-timed announcement, in a week when our esteemed Lord of Finance, Bananas McCreevy, is taking the rap for gaining Ireland the dubious accolade of ‘most expensive country’ in the eurozone.

What the jesus is going on?

Article in the Irish Independent

Article in the Irish Independent

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  1. a job for Blather Paranormal Investigators Inc. Or the spirit of a certain Monsieur Robespiere and his choppity-chop device. I’m going to Paris tonight and will be visiting the catacombs on saturday or sunday. I’ll see if I can bring his malaevolent shade back with me…

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