The Bilderberg group ride again

According to some rather cryptic reports that are washing around on the web, the nefarious Bilderberg group are having their AGM…

According to the beeb website, the Bilderberg group (the quintessential ‘they’ in every conspiracy theory for the last two hundred years) are having their annual shin-dig. Informers tell me that this years agenda includes blood-shortages in the vampire community, rubber chicken stocks, successful baby-seal clubbing methods, effective strategies for oppressing indigenous third-world peoples and the general take over of the world through a programme of insidious mind control, subversion of democracy and black propaganda. The agenda was also supposed to contain several talks on the subject of annexing Iraqi oil supplies, but were thrown out of the final line up on account of being an “absurd anti-Semitic brain fever on the part of the tree-hugging, saddam-lovin’, cheese-eating surrender monkeys”.

Key note speakers are rumoured to include Vlad Tepys the Impaler, Jim Morrison, Zod the Invincible, Ming the Merciless and Henry Kissinger. I’ll keep you posted as I learn more…

Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.

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