Urban Nature

Animals in downtown Dublin…

Amidst the HORROR that is the Irish Financial Services Centre, I keep having interesting brushes with Nature (TM).

Last year, there was the starfish in George’s Dock

Now, when I’m heading by George’s Dock, there’s nearly always a blackbird or two playing in the fountain by IFSC House. And a big old drake who sits in almost the same place every day give or take a few inches, not at water level, but about 15ft higher, at ‘ground’ level.

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A few weeks back, a mother duck was fussing around the dock with a flotilla of ducklings…

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June 17: At my house in Dublin 7

Lots of fun in the back garden at the moment. Two young sparrows chasing the mother around, fluffing up their feathers, beating their wings, demanding food from the ma. They’re nearly as big as her, but have high pitched chirps.

Also, all sorts of magpie noise. Two hours ago, there was a young magpie fluttering around, trying to get used to the concept of flying, and getting confused. A parent was making loads of noise of encouragement… from a distance. Just looked out now, and the same young magpie is taking little trips from the trees, out over the houses and back to the trees again, like a child keeping close to the edge of a swimming pool.

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