Invasion of the Jellyfish

Wexford, Cornwall, taken over by bags of goo…

Tens of thousands of jellyfish-like creatures have washed up on the Cornish coast. The tiny blue animals called Velella Velella are related to the deadly Portuguese Man o’War. But at around three centimetres long they only give a sting similar to that of a nettle. There have been no reports of similar shoals of jellyfish washing up on the nearby Wexford coast.

From the Irish Independent

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News just in:

Contrary to initial reports, the jellyfish have infiltrated the Irish coastal defences at Baginbun, and have made their way north from the Hook Penninsula to Wexford town.

After a length siege of Wexford County Hall, the Velella Velella have established taken control of Wexford, and have established an interim government in the region. Human casualties have been described as significant and irritating. After an absence of nearly a century, the local militia, also known as Kyle Flying Column has been reformed to fight the stinging menace.

Stay tuned.

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