The Fourth Yoke

Infidels, Liberals and Free Lovers…
The fourth issue of The Yoke is out now!

The Press Release:
Propaganda, property, sexual preferences of Irish political parties, corruption, life before and after death, satire and fish – it’s the fourth yoke magazine.
The Yoke (see is a noble web and print publishing enterprise that chronic underfunding and total lack of experience cannot defeat. Once again The Yokels have triumphed over these petty hurdles – the fourth yoke includes illuminating articles on American identity, Isabel Allende?s vision of life after death, what Roisin Ingle and Eugene O?Brien (Eden) would do with one day left to live and how Sinn Fein feel about bondage sex games. The Yoke is a veritable ‘how-to’ guide to changing your world, fearlessly surfing the postmodern dilemmas of the global generation.
The Yoke is distributed to bookshops and newsagents throughout the UK and Ireland by Eason Wholesale, News Bros, Eason Books, Central Books (UK). It will be on sale from Friday 18th July onwards price 5 euro. Available online at and
For a full list of contents and editorial go to
Yoke Magazine
A cross between a lifestyle and a futures magazine, championing free thinking for the world citizen. Now on its fourth print edition, also online web magazine at The Yoke is worthy of your attention and deserving of notice.
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For further details or to request review copies, visit The Yoke website

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