July 23rd Declared ‘Robert Anton Wilson Day’

Regular readers of Blather will know that we’re not given to sycophantic behaviour. We are, however, inclined towards enthuastic proselytizing about the people and things that we care about.
And we care about Robert Anton Wilson. I can’t even really remember how I came across his work – sometime in the mid nineties I came across his work, probably through constant references and mentions… and then getting my hands on The Illuminatus
trilogy, a mad sprawling fantasy/conspiracy epic.
I loved the book… but it was when I started reading Wilson’s books of philosophy and psychology that I was really affected.
Those who espouse Wilson’s work tend to refer to how he initiated some kind of ‘brain change’. This isn’t some cult-like brainwashing… it’s more like brainwashing yourself, or providing a path towards having fun with your own head.
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