The Yoke: Shrink to Fit

A conversation with Professor Ivor Browne – by Clare Taylor

[Interesting article this – about an interesting character, psychiatrist, LSD advocate and fan morphic resonance, Ivor Browne. – daev ]

I first heard of Ivor Browne in connection with an experiment to test out the therapeutic qualities of ketamine. Then a few weeks later a friend bought me a book On Our Backs by Rosita Sweetman, and there was Ivor Browne again. His frank description of the soulessness of modern society caught my attention. At this time he was Professor of Psychiatry at UCD and Chief Psychiatrist of the Eastern Health Board. He is a radical, and for a radical to remain radical and still reach the very top of their profession implies exceptional talent. He doesn?t give interviews anymore, but I doggedly pursued him in order to have the following conversation.
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  1. Ivor Browne is a lying, deceptive doctor, who should not be allowed to practice medicine.

  2. Trinny – this is quite a charge you make – yet you make no effort to qualify it. Why do you say that Browne is a ‘lying, deceptive doctor, who should not be allowed to practice medicine’?

  3. ivor browne wrote a paper years ago about family. i still have it and it always helped me define myself with my own family
    He is not the usual doctor but I think he is a deep spiritual human being.

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