Ghost Hunt 2003: Adventures in the Dublin Mountains

On December 28th, the Blather Editorial Committee and friends launched an expedition into the remote reaches of the Dublin mountains…

The Sunday after christmas, six Blatherskites went-a-roaming around the Dublin hills, through Massy’s Woods and the Hellfire Club, which contain some weird old buildings and megaliths, and are rife with tall tales of 18th century satanism, large spectral black cats and ghosts…
It might not be remote from the city, but it’s not the kind of place you’d want to spend the night by yourself… for more about the area, read these articles:
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Hell-Fire Club Ghost
The spectral soul seen frequently in these parts

In the old walled garden of the Massy Estate, Mr Slaphead, Mr DeBarra and Miss Elimare look for ancient vegetables.

Obligatory 80s album cover shot #1, in walled garden, by portal to hollow earth.

Tell-tale trail of cocaine left by careless revellers

Rainforest bit #1

Deep in the woods…

The Wedge Tomb in Massy’s woods. More about it here »

The Wedge Tomb in Massy’s woods

The Wedge Tomb in Massy’s woods

No comment… or Mr Walsh prepares to be buried alive in an ancient wedge tomb

Mr Kavanagh of’s editorial squad shows how to leer into photographs

Obligatory 80s album cover shot #2, post badger research

Obligatory 80s album cover shot #3, post badger research

Who put this feckin’ wall here? Mr Slaphead goes forth, watched my Miss Elimare.

Rainforest bit #2, with mudslide

It’s Herne the Hunter! Without antlers!

Mr Walsh on The Hellfire Throne

Mr DeBarra contemplates his unfeasible trousers

The Hellfire Club building. More about this »

The view from above #1

The view from above #2

Mr DeBarra performs an archeological rap beside Kilmashogue Wedge Tomb. More about this tomb »
Map 5 Q12; OS1/2″ 16 0.15.25
A Megalithic gallery-grave allied to the wedge-tombs; it consisted of a roughly rectangular chamber and a small ante-chamber set in an oval mound of stones, dating probably to the earlier part of the second millennium B.C. Later in the same millennium burials took place and a fireplace was constructed.)

Page 132, Peter Harbison, Guide to the National and Historic Monuments of Ireland, Gill and MacMillan (1970, 1975, 1992)

Ahhh. Fire, pints, fags, crisps… at the Blue Light

Tired, interested, or what? Elimare and Mr Dedalus at The Blue Light

Chief Bottle Washer at Blather
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