Month: December 2003

Support the Greenpeace campaign for the Bhopal disaster survivors... It's 19 years since the world's worst industrial disaster in Bhopal, India. Deadly gas leaked from the poorly maintained and understaffed plant owned by Union Carbide, killing up to 20,000 people and leaving 120,000 chronically ill. For 19 years the companies responsible have done almost nothing to help. Now you can do a little something to help the survivors of the ongoing disaster and send a message to Union Carbide's new owner Dow Chemical that it should be cleaning up its toxic mess. Greenpeace article >> A Gift to Bhopal: Official site >>


A little bit of plutonium never hurt anyone, says British government... "Who'd have thought an atomic bomb could do so much damage?" - Father Ted At long-fucking-last... the British government has finally agreed that Sellafield - the plutonium reprocessing plant on the Cumbrian coast - may in fact be a health hazard. Melanie Johnson, the UK Public Health Minister, stated in the House of Commons that the results of tests on more than 3,000 extracted teeth by health authorities, showed that the level of plutonium increased the closer one lived to the plant. Eureka! But no... Ms. Johnson has also said that 'the average concentrations of plutonium were so low they are considered to present an insignificant radiological hazard'. Even more charming is a statement by BNFL (British Nuclear Fuels): 'What is not clear is whether the plutonium recorded in this study originated or from nuclear weapons testing fall-out.' (The...


Only a year late reviewing the most recent book by Robert Anton Wilson... TSOG: The Thing That Ate the Constitution By Robert Anton Wilson Paperback: 224 pages Publisher: New Falcon Publications; (October 15, 2002) ISBN: 1561841692 Right, so I'm only a year late reviewing this. I should be ashamed... but at least I've gotten round to it. TSOG (TSarist Occupational Government) - The Thing That Ate the Constitution delivers what we've come to expect from Robert Anton Wilson (RAW)- incisive, biting satire, coupled with warm humanity and incisive humour. The recent candidate for the Governorship of California has jammed a small book full of provocative, amusing and insightful essays. I suspect... that most people do and say most of the things they do and say for exactly the same reason: they never stop to think about it. I know that sounds brutally cynical, but at least it explains the religious...


'The Bearer of this card is a genuine and authorised Tsar' Download print quality card >> Context: >>