Paw, I Got Me A GoogleWhack

Sick fish and a pasted-in blatherboy. Doncha love that Google, eh?

A gentleman by the name of Andrew Lange emailed me earlier today, telling me that he’d found a Googlewhack on He’d found ‘superimposition blatherskite‘ in the Klaatu Barada Nikto article on
So I tried my hand at it. Found valetudinarian conger. Whoohoo!
A Googlewhack, by way, is when you search for two words (without quotes) in Google, and come up just ONE result. Getting a fat zero doesn’t count.
It’s not too difficult:
Thought of an obscure word: valetudinarian. Then did composite searches
valetudinarian banana (21)
get more obscure:
valetudinarian starfruit (0)
valetudinarian pomegranate (4)
valetudinarian absinthe (2) – getting close
valetudinarian absinth (1) – part of a list, so it doesn’t count…
think, think think… fish! conger eel!
valetudinarian conger (1) tada!
Got another: ‘snark derailleur‘.

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