The Ark of the Covenant in Tara? Apparently.

Jesus Christ! Moses! In Tara! Co. Meath! Who would have thought it?

What a fright for a Tuesday! I came across a website claiming that The Ark of the Covenant is at Tara in Ireland »
Which in turn led me to:
Licence to Dig
The obstacle in question is obtaining a “license to dig” from the Irish Minister for the Environment, who is called Martin Cullen, who has the authority to be able to grant me the license, without which I cannot dig a small area of flat grass, measuring 2m x 2m, at Tara.
Tara is a protected National Heritage site and one cannot move a blade of grass without a license from the minister.

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Of particular amusement on this page is the equating of ‘Torah’, with Tara. Nice. There’s been a lot of bizarre claims about the Hill of Tara – an ancient seat of the Irish High Kings – and this one really grabs the banana.
This all goes back to 1899, when the British Israelites ‘excavated’ (well, wrecked) the site, on the hunt for the Ark. They found some 3rd century roman coins instead. Alledgly, these had been buried a few days previous to avoid ‘disappointment’. Oddly enough, an excavation in the 1950s did unearth some real Roman artifacts…
The British Israelites, y’see, reckon that the UK and Ireland is the Jewish Promised Land…
The phallic Baal-pillar stone that is now wrongfully and blasphemously called the Lia Fail, was re-discovered and placed on The Inauguration Mound at Tara some time between 1839 and 1845.
As the real Lia Fail is also known as Bethel, meaning ?House of God? in Hebrew and it is prophesied that Christ will come and be Inaugurated King of the Israelites, including the Irish, upon the Lia Fail Stone at Tara, there could be no greater insult to God or Christ than to name a stone phallus The Lia Fail. That is telling God that His House, where He should come and live, is a stone phallus and that Christ should come and sit on a stone penis. The wrongful naming of the obscene phallic stone at Tara caused God?s Cursing of Ireland which brought about the Great Famine of 1845-52 and it is still the “Curse of Tara” and Ireland.

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  1. Where do people get the time to dream up all this crap. I mean I don’t have time to water my goddamn house plants or fix the leaking gutter on the side of the house. And this guy has come up with what seems like hundreds of pages of densely convoluted nonsense on his site……Maybe if I became a totally unhinged nutter like him I’d finally master the art of efficient time management?

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