Marine Update: European Commission Warns Ireland about water quality levels

But of course, it took the shellfish industry to get the EC off its arse.

The Department of Marine and Natural Resources is facing large fines from the EU, if it doesn’t get it finger out – and has received a written warning from the European Commission, due to the inherent danger to the shellfish farming industry.
So while it’s a good thing that the government are being goaded into water quality adherence, it’s only for the good of industry and public health. Not a mention of the fact that dirty water is inherently bad thing, regardless of economics or human interaction.
The Department of Marine and Natural Resources is said to be working with local authorities on the matter, especially on the matter of waste water treatment…
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Update 20th January
Marine Minister Dermot humourless has told the European Parliament?s fisheries committee that the development of environmentally friendly fishing methods will be his priority during Ireland?s presidency of the EU.
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