Julian H. Cope says the web is a real dead loss …

ro_G is a big Julian Cope fan. Julian disses the internet in favour of books made out of paper and leather, which gets a big thumbs up from ro_G, what with him being a bookbinder and man of the vellum.

Julian Cope: “Which brings me right back to my dear friend Merrick, who recently made the percipient comment that the stature of future scholars will be determined by their ability to take information from the internet and discern whether or not it is of any value or not. Man, that’s so damn true. In the 90s, when I wrote both KRAUTROCKSAMPLER and THE MODERN ANTIQUARIAN, so little was available on the Net that I didn’t even consider it to be a real resource and, therefore, relied on libraries and books. But nowadays there are umpteen barely usable websites there to wind us up with false claims about being able to guide people to megaliths in Europe, when their directions are sketchy and their grasp of the material itself is less than useless. So many times I have given up on these sites and returned to my books, often over thirty years old, rather than rely on the mere enthusiasm of the nicely designed-deluded-webpage”
Head Heritage – the site of Mr Drude; M’Lud Yatesbury, or just plain old Julian David Cope as he is known to his mother.


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  1. I assume Mr Cope includes his own sketchy website in that statement.

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