Love !

showroom%20dummies%208.jpgOur guest writer has departed and I, Barry, have returned to my own blog.

Thank you to all the people who send me comments via the contact form. I get very interesting feedback from this blog, and the private nature of this correspondence gives it a very personal touch. This week I want to let you know about one particularly touching response.

Without revealing the correspondent’s name or email address, here is the message I received:
topic: Love !
comments: Dear Madam,
I love you and if you have got someone already please get me one. Am aged 29 and in Oslo.

Now, I am a little perplexed to be called “Madam” as I am without a shadow of a doubt a male of the species. I strongly suspect that this person has been reading my entry about Norwegian women and has confused me with one of the ladies I photographed. The correspondent – who judging by his name is a man – has obviously been so impressed by what he has seen and read that he has, as he admits, fallen in love. Alas, like so many before him, he has fallen for a showroom dummy, who can never return his passion. Unless of course someone drills some holes in her.
But let us assume for the moment that she is made of flesh. What does he mean by “If you have got someone already please get me one.” Does he mean that if the fair lady has chosen her mate in life, that he would like the same? Does he love this woman so much that he desires to obtain a boyfriend or husband similar in characteristics to her own? Is this a new kind of bisexuality?
OR does she assume she’s a lesbian, in order to underline his own straightness?
If only I had a “spare” girlfriend to fix him up with. But I don’t.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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