Dacianos%20setup7.jpgHere’s a picture of a drumkit. It’s downstairs in the bar and is part of the Dacianos setup for tonight. I’m upstairs in my apartment, “backstage” if you like. In just over an hour I will be doing the first Dacianos live show in 9 months, the first show as a 3-piece with Marius Kolbenstvedt and Håkon Larsen, and the first time playing in my own bar – a “living room concert”, in a way.

So how does it feel? Pretty weird. What are these feelings? Fear? Angelic love? It’s not easy when you’re not performing all the time. I’m listening to something completely inappropriate (Pere Ubu’s “30 Seconds Over Tokyo”) and trying to eat some eggs.
Hang on, I have to go downstairs to find out who is doing the door. We’re handing out a sheet of “background information” on the songs, because we’re doing some pieces with a kind of quasi-literary flavour. Hey, it’s an art gallery gig, so it’s possible. Anyway, I’m going downstairs for a bit, will update when I get back up.
Update: Ahh, it’s a nice warm atmosphere down there. Candlelit tables, pictures on the wall, Bjarne is DJing Brubeck, and I’ve convinced Torstein (“Toshybot”) to do the door. I’ll listen to Stereolab now and try to finish eating.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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