Norwegian Lesson

In order to improve my Norwegian, I’ve been translating some common English words and phrases for myself. Should you ever find yourself in Norway, you’ll find these extra-handy. Norwegian readers can get in touch with me to correct any mistakes.

Joy division: Glede divisjon
Unknown pleasures: Ukjent fornøyelser
Outside: Ute*
Disorder: Uorden
Day of the lords: Herrenes dag
Candidate: Kandidat
Insight: Innsikt
New dawn fades: Nytt daggry visner
Inside: Inn*
She’s lost control: Hun har mistet kontroll
Shadowplay: Skyggelek
Wilderness: Villmark
Interzone: Intersone
I remember nothing: Jeg husker ingen ting**
*The double-meaning here is lost, i.e. they are the two sides of a record. Could innside (“inside side”) or uteside (“outside side”) be used?
**I had to use this phrase today.

. A Norwegian writes: Using “innside” and “utside” would be more correct in this context. “Gledesdivisjon” or “glededivisjon” in one word, even if it’s not a real word. “Ingenting” in one word. “Ukjente” = unknown in plural. New dawn fades is tricky to translate. Not sure if “nytt daggry” is good Norwegian, even though it might be gramatically correct. Fades is “visner” if we’re talking about a fading plant or flower. If it’s a colour fading, then it’s better to use “falmer”, or if something’s slowly fading as in disappearing, you can for example use “svinner hen”.

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