Quark of the Covenant Found

Lost subatomic particle lost, then found again…

An Irish doctor who found a missing subatomic particle in his attic, has flown it back to its home in the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute in Russia. The particle is thought to be the Quark of the Covenant.

Ian McLenin, from County Donegal, recognised the tiny particle, a pentaquark, captured it and quietly flew it back to Russia. It had been taken from Russia in 1812 by a French secret agent.

The pentaquark, five-quark particle, is thought to have been used to fuel the the Israelites trip to the Promised Land, where they supposedly took the 10 Commandments.

Dr McLenin, who found the Quark of the Covenant last month, said: “It was quite emotional, and I had to hunt it down like a dog. My attic is in a terrible mess. A subatomic particle is a sacred thing; you can’t look at it for long. I didn’t feel I should be handling it.”

The return of stolen quarks is said to be of huge religious and cultural significance to Russia.

The search for the Quark of the Covenant inspired the Indiana Jones series of films. Which was nice.

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