Month: August 2003


Financial transactions found in the east coat area of Ireland were probably made the Celtic Tiger, the Central Bank has said. The white collar welfare charity and gardai have been searching the area since Friday following reports of a big cat being spotted. People have been warned not to approach the animal which is believed to be between the Dublin 4 and Killiney areas. There have been up to 23 sightings of the animal, but the rough terrain has made it difficult to capture. However, gardai have made plastercasts of credit card transactions found in the area and these have been studied along with measurements and eye-witness reports by experts at the Central Bank. The Central Bank's Luther Blissett says they spent Tuesday examining the information they had gathered and now believe it may be the Celtic Tiger. "To the best of our ability and as far as we can...

2115 views made it into today's Irish Mirror, thanks to our 'Bertie and Ernie... Muppa!' Get yourself a Muppa! T-Shirt We're almost embarrassed. The Mirror describes the t-shirt as 'controversial'. We would have said satirical?, if a little lazy. We also, apparently mention on the wireless, by an RTE gentleman with the improbable name of 'Ryan Tubridy'. Read the Daily Mirror article

The Taking of Caravaggio's The Taking of Christ

Blather's Dave Walsh attempts to take The Taking of Christ BLATHER'S Dave Walsh was yesterday licking his wounds after security personnel ejected him from the National Gallery of Ireland in Merrion Square, Dublin. Walsh's The Taking of Caravaggio's The Taking of Christ (click image for t-shirt) A spokesperson for the Gallery said that Walsh was attempting to wrestle Caravaggio's The Taking of Christ from the wall of the gallery, while making loud comments about 'blasted picturehooks' and wearing a the blue jersey of the Italian national cycling team. According to witnesses, Walsh was dragged by his heels from the room, while shouting 'Give Italy back to the Italians' and 'dia l'Italia di nuovo agli italiani'. He was cheered on by his entourage, which was mostly made up of Italian language students, and his mother, who was visiting from Wexford. Walsh's attempts to remove the painting are thought to be connected...


Ireland for 2026 Winter Olympics? This is wonderful... and slightly surreal. The world climate is changing and there is a distinct possibility that the climate in the west of Ireland is heading for a mini ice-age at some point in the not too distant future.


I can't do this no more. I just can't. I quit my job yesterday and in a fit of merriment went to the boozer for 'one' at 5.30. 4 hours later I staggered, drooling and panting out the door, up the road, into a lamppost, back down the road, up the road again, up some steps and towards my house. There was some fumbling with keys, some more drooling and a short ignominious tumble through the front door. I then decided that it would be a great time to ring the missus and make foul, depraved suggestions at her which (as far as I can recall) then degenerated into a pitiful display with me professing my undying love and simpering and blubbing like a twat. Anyhoo: after a night punctuated with the hourly spectacle of me sitting upright and screaming at the dark before keeling over again, this morning rolls...