Month: September 2003


Rooting back through old emails, found this gem... Name: Joey email: comments: hey i am from roscommon and i was wondering about a nice lookin girl from life style sports enniskillian shopping centre . i saw her there saturday and i had the real bright dyed hair she was in her teens and had black hair and lovely eyes could you read this out and if she rings in or txts could u give my email addy or email me or call me on 35390###### please i can't stop thinking of her. or txt her my number please read out the first part to her. thank you


Episode 1: The North-side Dublin party... Original text by Damien DeBarra and Conor Ryan. Theme music fades out and background noise fades in.. Background noise: pub in full swing, clinking glasses, thumping music, loud chatter, shrieking laughter etc etc. Dr. Sparkplug: (speaking in a ridiculous pesudo-Attenborough academic tone, all hushed conspiracy and earnest passion) “Good evening and welcome to the inaugural episode in this new radio series entitled ‘In our World’, with me your host Dr. Archimedes J. Sparkplug. In this show we shall attempt to probe the anthropological mysteries of life as we know it, in the Ireland of the now. The purpose of this exercise will be to explore the ethnology of the Emerald Isle, to shine the torch of science on the murky depths of the Irish psyche and to apply the rigours of logical investigation to our culture as a whole. Each week will investigate a...