Month: October 2003


The scene: A TV news studio in south London. Token Asian Presenter and Francis Tusa have just been discussing the latest use of cluster bombs on a village of Iraqi goat-herders... <!-- --> Francis: "...and cooked their asses good" Cuts back to Token Asian Presenter, who has now assumed a supremely smug smile. Token Asian Presenter: "Fantasic. And now we move on to a happier item. Three months ago, 8 year old Saheeb Al-Sabba Al Sabba had both his legs blown off when a Coalition forces patriot missile tore through his window and blasted him thirty five feet into the air before landing him face first in a pile of blood, guts, intestines and the shredded remains of his mother and dog. He is a casualty of war. But now, little Saheeb has some hope again. Thanks to the overwhelming guilt that we the British people feel about our complicit...