The Third Policeman’s Sauna?

I was re-reading Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman all week. All of a sudden, police stations get weird…

In County Tyrone, on Wednesday Jan 7th, a fire broke out in the sauna (eh?) of a police station, after hot coals set a wooden bench alight. The building, in Strabane, was evacuated, no one was injured,and the police put the fire out before the Fire Brigade arrived. Strabane, of course, was Flann O’Brien’s home town. But a sauna. In a police station? Now we’re told that Pearse St. Garda Station in Dublin has a sauna. Jesus, the last time I was in there (long story), they barely had chairs…
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Then, on Sunday, Jan 11th, a Garda station was struck by lightning at Farnanes, Co Cork. The station was destroyed, but Sgt Pat Meaney and Garda Brian Hegarty had just finished their shift and had left the building. The strike did extensive damage and destroyed two internal walls.
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