Month: February 2004


Archaeologists made an astonishing announcement today... Archaeologists made an astonishing announcement today, claiming that fragmentary samples of human faeces have been found in a 1st century tomb near the banks of the Dead Sea. Almost immediately, the interweb was awash with rumours that the diggers had uncovered nothing less than a two-thousand year old dump from the man himself, Jehoshua Ben Joseph, a.k.a. Jesus H. Christ. "If the discovery can be authenticated then this would represent a staggering breakthrough. Combined with dried sweat stains from the Turin Shroud and a smattering of fibres from Elvis' liver, we could, theoretically reconstruct the DNA of Jesus" said a random passer-by in the street. More as we get it.


Walsh sends the family dog into space... My parents have a dog. She is an astronaut. Say hello to Becky. This is her taking off from Cape Canoodle last weekend. So much for the Mars Rover, or Beagle. Performed in Potatoshop. Get the T-shirt »


Hirsute stalkers are driving the Taoiseach spare! God, I love living in a democracy! I really do! I do! I really do! ... Ciao, Ceaucescu! Ciao, Ceaucescu! Ciao, Ceaucescu! - Blues for Ceaucescu by The Fatima Mansions Taoiseach Bertie humourless (Irish Prime Minister) says that hairy student types 'who haven't seen the inside of a college for 20 years' are following his every move! Bertie can't go near a campus without getting mobbed by the hairies. Yesterday in the Dail (parliament) he revealed his consternation about the furry gang. And he reckons they're in the employ of Socialist Party TD (member of parliament) Joe Higgins too. Bertie reckons that Joe H has 'hordes of students at his beck and call to be dispatched to any university anywhere, anytime'. This was on the back of a occurrence earlier this week, when Justice Minister Michael McDowell was heckled by students at UCD....


Blather almost predicts SuperBowl fiasco and nipples of mass descruction... fails miserably. Y'know, at Blather HQ, we really need to sharpen up our predictive skills. On January 12th, we ran a story about ONE of Britneys breasts mysteriously appearing at mundane religious site across Ireland. Then young Janet Jackson, the brazen hussey, decided to let one swing out during the SuperBowl, bringing the entire American Empire to its knees in fear, loathing and confusion. So we got the location and the singer wrong, but at least we tried. Can anyone explain why the SuperBowl is called the SuperBowl, when it's actually referring to am american football match, and not bowling, boules, or cricket? People, it's a BREAST. Deal with it.


Just when you hoped that penis-enlargement spams were on the wane, a whole new idea arrives... vaginal enlargement! The Society of Pron Affiliate Merchants (SPAM) today announced a new campaign, aimed at convincing women to opt for vaginal enlargement. "We felt it was time to move on", said Pontious Fark of DickBig Marketing, based in Palo Alto, California, and president of SPAM. "Our 'Add Inches To Your Penis' campaign was like, a total success. We've realised that the market has topped out, and that none of these 30 million dudes really want to increase their penis size to 30". They're just happy with the 18" that they've got." Fark has outlined a new idea, sure to take email users by storm. "We figure that with all these big-dick guys around, there's now lots of horny ladies who can't accommodate our happy customers. So we're putting our new marketing campaign to...