Nipplegate: Our Predictive Talents Need Sharpening

Blather almost predicts SuperBowl fiasco and nipples of mass descruction… fails miserably.

Y’know, at Blather HQ, we really need to sharpen up our predictive skills. On January 12th, we ran a story about ONE of Britneys breasts mysteriously appearing at mundane religious site across Ireland. Then young Janet Jackson, the brazen hussey, decided to let one swing out during the SuperBowl, bringing the entire American Empire to its knees in fear, loathing and confusion. So we got the location and the singer wrong, but at least we tried.
Can anyone explain why the SuperBowl is called the SuperBowl, when it’s actually referring to am american football match, and not bowling, boules, or cricket?
People, it’s a BREAST. Deal with it.

The disembodied collective editorial voice of the only really nice website in Ireland.


  1. Being an american I have no idea why it’s called the superbowl. I think it stems from college football championships being called ‘bowl games’, I personally think it’s because football stadium tend to be bowl shaped? There are many now that are also saucer shaped, causing many vexing giant u.f.o. sightings every day.

  2. There seems to be a theory on the SuperBowl history page at

    Formally called the AFL-NFL Championship, it was soon nicknamed the Super bowl. According to one story, a team owner who thought the formal title was–well, too formal–came up with the new name while watching his grandson play with a super ball. That’s probably apocryphal. The truth seems to be that some sportswriter invented the tag and it was immediately picked up by others and then by the NFL.

    Other than that, the Merriam-Webster online dictionary lists one of the meanings of ‘bowl’ as ‘a postseason football game between specially invited teams‘, and WordNet seems to think a ‘bowl’ is also ‘5. stadium, bowl, arena, sports stadium — (a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments)’ .
    And now I’m totally confused 🙂

  3. Its not just a breast!, Its a mutant cyborg secret project nipple laser device. The CIA are manufacturing all this hysteria to distract everybody from their secret plans and encourage millions of evangelical mothers to wash their childrens eyes out with soap thereby ensuring a plentiful supply of clean raw materials for part 2 of the cyborg secret plot

  4. Its more than just a breast, its a bereast during
    a Super Bowl! And deal with they can not. If at the same time the poor impressionable youth of America could see a decapitated soldier in Iraq
    no one would have complained. Its fine with me because it proves my belief in a book written about a hundred years ago in America called The Madness of Crowds and other Strange Phenomenon.
    As an American I can see the same Madness in every coountry on the Globe especially the Emerald Isle He Heh He

  5. I am sorry in the previous post I got the book title wrong. Here is the correct title and author:
    Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds. by Charles Mackay

  6. …and a Brit, as I recall. Original publisher was Bentley in London (1841). His chapter on the political implications of grooming of the hair and beard should have been required reading for all during the 1960s.

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