Month: May 2004


Introducing the smart way to remove unwanted spots and stains from your career! Cranky? Irritable? Feeling a bit depressed? Is the UN on your case? Is Amnesty International camped out on your doorstep holding a candlelight vigil? Do you see Weapons of Mass Destruction everywhere? Do you feel threatened by German cuisine? Does the world scare you? Started a war you can’t finish? Are your armed forces doing things they shouldn’t? If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, then you need new EZ-Spin. Used for years by those in the know, EZ-Spin is the world’s favourite way to get out of a tight spot. Fast, Effective and Easy to Use: EZ-Spin – Diffusing Atrocities for thousands of years. EZ-Spin Deluxe package includes: Lackeeze – Lackeeze are specially formulated to ensure you are never alone in your decisions. Also available in handy pocket-sized EXTRA Spineless (Contains 2)...