Month: September 2004


Back... and to the left. Back... and to the left. Back... and to the left. "This shit is important. The whole basis of our mythology is being rewritten by satans little footsoldiers. You know this" - Sean Doran A recent blog over on P45 (by some random punter) dealt with the staggeringly divisive issue which is the Special Edition of the first Star Wars movie and most notoriously the shooting of Greedo in the Cantina sequence. In the original 1977 version, Han shot first. In the 1997 Special Edition, Greedo shoots first, thus giving Han the justification to blow his icky, green brains out. Now, it appears, that our benevolent uncle George is fucking with the movie again... It would seem that the new, super-dooper, ring-a-ding, I'm-selling-you-the-same-fucking-shite-for-the-sixth-time version, has been edited so that both charecters fire simoultaneously. Puuuleassssse. As per everything pertaining to the great franchise in the sky, outrage...