School of Comic Phisics Opens in Dublin

Dublin Bus stop: School of Comic PhisicsIs this a joke? A clown college? Ah, if Oskie Wilde were only alive to see it now…

You can’t make this shit up. Two days ago, a little burd (you know you are) told me about a rather surreal spelling mistake on a Dublin Bus stop in Merrion Square.
In the buttery sunset (this time of year? Just after lunch.), I stole into the southside in black ninja gear and with my camera bag. Across from Wilde’s decadent repose, and a few doors down from the American College, is the School of Cosmic Physics, part of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Outside is a bus stop.
It looks much like any other bus stop in Dublin. A blue pole, with the Dublin Bus logo on it, and a load of bus numbers and times, as well as the location of the bus stop.
But look a little bit closer… and this bus stop reads:
School of Comic Phisics
I guess the spellchecker was off that day. Didn’t anybody spot the error? Have the dozens of boffins traipsing in and out of the School failed to notice? Or are they too busy working the story into their stand-up routines?
Comments please – I want you to all post your ideas on what kind of surreal things happen at the School of Comic Phisics!
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– Dave
Dublin Bus stop: School of Comic Phisics

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  1. The School of Comic Phisics was founded in 1723 by a Dr Parzifal O’Nolan, himself a comic physic (or doctor of humours) somewhat in the style of an Enlightenment Patch Adams. Most of his ‘cures’, whether for mild melancholy or terminal cancer, consisted of O’Nolan skipping into the consulting room dressed in motley, and slapping the patient’s bottom with an inflated pig’s scrotum attached to a stick whilst singing an early version ‘London Derière’.
    Surprisingly, O’Nolan reported that his treatments were 100% effective, although it is thought that many of his most gravely ill patients reported their health and satisfaction *post mortem* from the astral plane via his wife, a channelling medium by the name of Nora (neé Carbuncle).
    O’Nolan’s successors, including De Selby, and Myles O’Bryan O’Nolan di Nola and FitzPatrick expanded the School of Comic Phisics to include a branch of Comic Metaphisics, and forged links to the Institute of ‘Pataphisic in France.

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