Month: February 2005


Stateside report from our man in New York, Alex DeJong At some point in time, we have all committed some sort of fashion folly. I can vividly remember being in fourth grade wearing a pair of zebra striped MC Hammer pants, a neon pink shirt, and air-pump high tops. This was all accompanied by my in vogue hairstyle: a six inch long mullet along with lightning shaped stripes shaved into the sides of my very much confused head. Nevertheless, I strutted out like a proud peacock, ready to knock the socks off my fifth grade female classmates. Life was good then and if I could do it again, I would. Of course I knew my father, a Coast Guard executive officer, was not very keen on my new faddy fashion. He would keep his nose in the newspaper and whisper to himself, “not from my side.” Nor do I remember...