A Very Merry Xmas from all at Blather

At the start of 2005, Blather.net was bringing in a steady stream of traffic – as it always has. But now, as we stare at the business end of December, our statcounter figures tell us that traffic has exploded – more than a threefold increase from the figures 12 months ago. So, how do we account for this?
Well, it’s been a busy year and we’ve expanded the site hugely. In addition to adding new blogs such as North and the Snackbox Diaries, we’ve also developed Zeitgeist into an exciting Fortean news source. So much so that Google now list it as a News Service.
Speaking of Google, we’ve also added a new and improved search functionality which makes it much easier to find old content (all 8 years of it). This older content is slowly being fed, piece by piece, into Moveable Type so that soon, the whole website will become a powerful archive tool. Watch this space.
A sincere warm thanks to all who submitted stuff to us all of this year. There have been a boat-load of new writers and new posters – and you’ve made the place sparkle. Thankyou one and all.
A big thanks also to Hosting 365, our sponsors without whom, none of this would be doable.
And now, as we potter off into the sunset to gorge ourselves on Guinness and turkey, we leave with this seasonal tale of caution. Have fun and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.
the blather team

The disembodied collective editorial voice of the only really nice website in Ireland.


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