Easter Bunny To Give Key-Note Speech At Conference For Climate-Change Sceptics

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Organisers of the first major conference dedicated to climate-change scepticism have announced that the Easter Bunny will be delivering the key-note speech on April 1st this year.

[CORK] In what’s being seen as something of a coup for the climate-change sceptics movement, organisers of this first international conference in the discipline have confirmed the appearance of the Easter Bunny. This announcement comes hot on the heels of last week’s much-hyped confirmations that Santa Claus, several tooth-fairies and representatives of the Leprechaun community would also be attending the high-profile event.
The climate-change sceptic party (often referred to as ‘Geebag party’) released this statement from the Easter Bunny in which he outlines his reasons for addressing the conference.

“Early in April I’ll head to Cork, where I’ll have the honor of speaking with members of the Geebagger movement. I look forward to meeting many fellow Geebaggers who share a commitment to limited reason, a lack of common sense and a complete abdication of personal responsibility. This movement is truly a grassroots, organic effort. In fact it’s so organic that the conference’s wifi cloud will be powered by the hot air gathered inside the conference auditorium. A sensible, conservative solution to an energy consumption issue which makes me proud to be an imaginary six-foot rabbit.
From the town halls last summer to the protests and marches over Christmas to the game-changing recent elections, it has been inspiring to see real people — not scientists or ‘inside-the-lab’ professionals — speak out against common-sense policies and values.
As with all grassroots efforts, the nature of this movement means that sometimes the screaming is loud and the organization is messier than that of a bag of mad rats. Legitimate disagreements take place about tone and tactics. That’s OK, because this movement is about bigger things than ‘facts’ or ‘reason'”(source)

And, it would seem, the Geebaggers aren’t finished there. Rumours continue to circulate that a panel discussion involving Jim Morrison, Darth Vader, Bigfoot and Jesus will be chaired by President Jed Bartlett.
More as we get it.
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