International uproar over Islamic plans for ‘Burn A Python Day’

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[Riyadh] Political and religious leaders from around the world have condemned a Saudi Arabian cleric’s ‘disrespectful’ and ‘disgraceful’ plans to burn hundreds of copies of Monty Python’s ‘Big Red Book’ on the anniversary of the 11 September attacks.

The planned open-air ceremony, already dubbed ‘the mother of all burnings’ is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday at an insignificant mosque that nobody has ever heard of before, located in the arse-end of the deep Arabian south. The controversial protest is suspected to have been triggered by Islamic outrage at the forthcoming ‘Burn a Koran Day’ by Pastor Terry Jones of Loonsville, Florida.
Jones is no stranger to controversy, having previously been castigated by religious authorities for dressing up as a woman, speaking in a squeaky voice and daring to mock the very image of the Messiah. According to his distraught mother, Mandy, “He really has gone too far this time. He’s a very, very naughty boy”.
Local Muslim cleric and organiser of ‘Burn a Python Day’, Mullah Mohammed Paula Abdul Ack Ack Al-Hackken, described the protest as ‘a line in the sand’. “We are sick of this fucking shit. If Terry Jones and his infidel ilk think they can insult us by burning our sacred book, then they have another thing coming. We don’t care how many westerners we offend by this protest action. We intend sending a clear message to the radical element of Western Comedy”.
Reports from Tehran and Kabul suggest similar protests are being planned, with regional sales of Monty Python’s Big Red Book sky-rocketing in the last 24 hours. Rumours abound that Ayatollah Admiral Ackbar himself is considering issuing a Fatwa upon all surviving members of the Python comedy group, while animal rights groups across the Middle East are bracing themselves ahead of a suspected jihadi onslaught on pet shop parrots.
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Image from the U.S. Library of Congress