Druid Shaman Priest by Leslie Ellen Jones

Leslie Ellen Jones - Druid Shaman Priest

Druid Shaman Priest – Metaphors of Celtic Paganism (Amazon.com)

Druid Shaman Priest – Metaphors of Celtic Paganism (Powell’s Books – new or secondhand)

Druid Shaman Priest – Metaphors of Celtic Paganism (Amazon.co.uk)

Asking ‘who were the Celts and what were they up to?’, Jones threads her way the linguistics and archaeology of the Celtic countries, tackling the apparent and dubious ‘victory’ of Christianity over paganism, and how our modern perception of the Celts has been coloured by politically motivated commentators of the last 500 years.

Modest and subtle humour prevails throughout this volume, a trademark of Jones’s style. She states that she’s ‘only begun to scratch the surface of Druidic representation’ – this may be true, but at least she has left a hole for us to peer through.

Essential reading for anyone interested in Celtic mythology, Druidism or

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