Daemonic Reality by Patrick Harpur

Daemonic Reality

Blather review to follow – here’s one from Amazon in the meantime:
“Harpur has presented the evidence honestly and with a charming shot of whimsy. And what has he evidenced? That the collective human (and more than human) Psyche has a sense of humour, but far too few of us mere mortals have gotten the joke yet.
In this book Harpur sets out, like tawdry market wares, the irrational and comical side of Otherworldly phenomena, an aspect which is so frequently neglected in the popular literature on the Occult. But Harpur isn’t setting out to poke fun at us mortals, nor is he pulling our leg. Instead he is trying to awaken us to the playful and comedic aspects of the Anima Mundi, the World Soul, from which springs phenomena as diverse as UFOs, elf-shot, Virgins of all faiths, phantasmic Social Workers, Men-In-Black and the playful dead.

“Revealed within are the cross-over points between religious visions and UFO abductions, and the merging of physical and spiritual that surrounds faerie phenomena even in our modern era. This book will cause you to never take overly self-important visions and visitations seriously ever again. But it might just grant you the sight to see into that OtherWorld, however darkly the glass may be.”
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