The Cold Edge, Arctic & Antarctic Photography

The Cold Edge by Dave Walsh & Duncan ClearyTo celebrate the launch of the Cold Edge exhibition of my polar photography in Dublin, on September 13, I’ve worked with friend and poet Duncan Cleary to create a 60-page eponymous book, The Cold Edge, via Blurb – print and iPad version. I’ve brought together some of what I hope are ethereal, emotional photographs of the unforgiving wilderness, wild animals and blue icebergs question our romantic relationship with remote, harsh and pristine environments. Images that resonate with a quiet tension; all may not be right in the Garden of Eden.

The Cold Edge is available as a hardcover and softcover, with gorgeous lustre paper pages – thanks to Blurb, the images pop off the pages. The brings together images from the wider Cold Edge collection, drawn from my many trips beyond the Arctic and Antarctic circles. I think they give a sense of uncertain beauty, fragile, yet fierce, a liminal zone where we have to face the fear of straying further – in space, but also in a metaphoric sense. But rather than scare people away from the polar regions, I want people to embrace them – not necessarily to travel there,but to embrace them as integral part of life on our planet, rather than somewhere infinitely exotic, or something simply watched on TV.

20% of profits on book sales goes to Greenpeace.

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The Cold Edge: Exhibition and Prints

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