Exposing the EU to GE Crops

The European Commission is exposing EU countries to the risks of genetically modified organisms..

Greenpeace has sed the European Commission of exposing EU Member States to the irreversible risks of genetically engineered (GE) crops and of undermining safety regulations within the EU.
While the Commission claims that Monsanto’s GE maize (MON810) (1) has been monitored for environmental risks and that it meets the requirements under current EU legislation, Greenpeace investigations show that no comprehensive monitoring plan exists. Greenpeace calls for the EU Member States to take initiatives to stop the commercialisation of Monsanto’s GE maize.
“The first time a GE variety is listed to the Common Catalogue and thus can be sold to farmers and can potentially be grown in many parts of Europe, the European Commission is misleading Member States,” says Christoph Then, Greenpeace International GE campaigner. “How can they claim that Monsanto’s GE maize is monitored sufficiently under current European legislations when simple investigations reveal that the only monitoring plan the EU refers to is nothing more than Monsanto’s own monitoring from 1995.”
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