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From Sinead at Sigla Mag…

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Sigla is officially one year old so as we settle down for our jelly and ice-cream and rice crispie cakes, you can have a wander around our new fortnightly issue.
This fortnight in Sigla:
The male beauty myth, Irishness in the 21st century, Rock Hudson could have been Ferdia MacAnna’s daddy, post modern love travel sketches, a Blagger’s Guide to Paddy’s Day, album reviews, 50 word film reviews, Michael Winterbottom’s controversial new film Nine Songs, Film Censorship in Ireland, part 2 of Montgomery Beau Britches, News Quiz, Hunter S Thompson remembered, a Saints and Sinners quiz, the haircare industry, new stories, poems, epigrams, flash fiction and haikus.
We’ve made some minor changes to the site including a sigla blog which is due very soon.
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