Tutankhamun was not murdered…


That’s right kids – he popped his the old-fashioned way…

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Tutankhamun’s high profile name was always guaranteed to generate conspiracy theories. Admittedly, not as many as his famous uncle (or was that father?) Akenhaten who many have equated with the biblical Moses and also claimed to have been the inventor of monotheism.
The King Tut theories have usually centered on his youthful passing and have led to suggestions that the boy king was bumped off in his prime by the proverbial scheming High Priests of the Egyptian Court. Maybe to make way for someone else. Maybe to wipe out the last traces of Akenhaten’s heretical seed and ensure the grip of the older Gods on the nation. Who knows, eh?
But now, thanks to the newest and most illuminating tool in the Egyptologist’s kit – the Cat scan – it would appear that the boy king may have died from a rather prosaic and unglamorous blood infection, the result not of a vial of well-placed poison but of a broken leg.
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