Dumb English bird staggers around wearing L-Plate


Sweet Jesus but it’s a good day for nonsense news. Spare a moment for Bandit the Owl. A handsome devil he is (I’m sure you’ll agree) but sadly what Bandit make up for in the hottie stakes, he sadly lacks in general avian matters. Or to put it simply, Bandit is a shit flier.

hehehehe“An owl at a tourist attraction in Warwickshire is such a poor flyer that the hapless creature has been given its own learner plate. The six-month-old spectacled eagle owl, known as Bandit, is one of the most recent additions to Warwick Castle’s Birds of Prey line-up.
I have been training birds for 20 years and I’ve never come across a case like it,” [said Chris O’Donnell.]
“Certainly some birds take longer than others to become accomplished flyers, but Bandit is in a class of his own.”
Have a hoot

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