The carnivorous vegetarian ….


What would Morrissey think? Researchers have revealed that they have successfully grown “cultured meat” in a laboratory, bringing the days of carnivorous vegetarianism ever closer…

(Brought to you by Zeitgeist – the free Blather news service)

At the moment is appears that only Spam like meat is on the menu and that the delights of a cultured filet mignon are still a long way off.
While livestock the world over are rejoicing, the global share price in abbatoirs fell sharply at the news…..
Meat ain’t murder


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  1. An interesting new take on the end-of-the-human-race theories. How will it all end? Not nuclear warfare nor giant asteroid. Slow extinction via mass ingestion of cultured blobs of goo that looks like…
    hint – I am a vegetarian. And yes, this is my first posting…I have stumbled across u guys en route to sniffing out something or other about Sai Baba being a pedophile.
    Come to think of it….Indian gurus and all other yogic folk may be interested in this non-violent ‘meat’…hmmm. Methinks it will still wreak violent havoc upon the digestion tho…eeek. 🙁

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