Where are the aliens?


A recent piece in the Guardian highlighted the fact that Ufology is going through something of a lean patch. Sightings are down, groups are disbanding and book sales are dropping. Is this because the X-Files finally fucked off and left us in peace, or is it simply because we got past the pre-millenial tension that everyone was banging on about?

It’s hard to know really, but a new exhibition which opens at the Science Museum, London in October is set to explore all aspects of our recent obsession with extra-terrestrials. Personally, I hope there’s some focus on the various villians from the Star Trek universe. Not because I am a big fan or anything (I used to be, but I got better) but because I’ve always thought that our created alien villians were a wonderful snapshot of our contemporary cultural fears. Klingons for Russian, Romulans for the Chinese, the Borg for the loss of American identity from Reaganomics and the end of the Cold War.
This is one I’ll be visiting.
Where are all the Aliens gone? – from The Guardian.
The Science Museum, London

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